Under Construction

It isn’t just the preschool and McDonough Hall that are under construction this year. As you have by now already figured out, our website is also being worked on. We understand that it is difficult to navigate at times, but hope over the next month or so to be able to sort out most of the issues.

In the meantime, one area we can “reconstruct” right now is the PowerSchool link. We don’t have a separate button for that yet, so you can access PowerSchool here:


Leaping Lions

The kick-off for the 28th annual Lions’ Leap Fun Run was a raucous affair held this past Friday, September 11th. Students in kindergarten through 8th grade roared in their support for our biggest student generated fundraiser of the year. Please show your support by visiting the Giving page of our website at the Lions’ Leap tab.

New for 2015-2016

At the start of every school year, the NEW are almost too numerous to number and this year at St. Giles is no exception.

We welcome new principal Nancy Zver and new teachers Bonita Curi (2nd grade), Eileen Burke (3rd grade), Anna Moskos (4th grade), Brittany Byrne (7th grade), Elsa Quiroga (5-8 Spanish), Lisa DeAlba (K-3 Library & Computers), Kathy Ritten (1st grade aide) and Phil Rieck (primary aide).

As you walk around the campus, you are sure to notice the on-going work at the Gleeson Building on our Early Childhood Center, the new science lab on the second floor of the Frawley Building, the new art display case in honor of teacher Tom Bell, and the new landscaping around the entire facility.

And just in case those weren’t enough, we have a new start time of 8:10 am and an additional early dismissal day, now the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month, so teachers can collaborate even more to make our curriculum more innovative and new!