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Daily Events


There are no new planned activities today.

It's Never Too Late to Donate!
Nearly 500 St. Giles Students had a fun-draising day last week at our 26th annual Lions' Leap.  Kids ran, walked, and competed in obstacle courses all for a good cause...Keeping St. Giles affordable and at the forefront of Catholic education.  The running and leaping may be over, but it is never too late to make a donation. Please visit the Lion's Leap page under the Giving tab to make a contribution to your favorite student.

All Smiles During Giles Miles
Just prior to Lions' Leap, over 90 1st through 3rd graders ran a collective 200 miles during the launch of Giles Miles.  The students had a lot of fun running together on three perfect fall days.  Giles Miles is a brand new recess running program sponsored by the St. Giles Wellness Committee.

Participants were granted an out-of-SHOE uniform pass to take part.  Parent volunteers counted laps during lunch recess. Giles Miles hopes to encourage healthy and happy activities not just as a run-up to Lions' Leap, but throughout the year.  It is also hoped that other grades will be able to participate in the future.

Thank you for all who helped make our first run a huge success!

News From St. Giles Alums

Recent St. Giles graduate George V. (Class of 2014) had a very special summer experience this year.  He writes about his incredible trip to Malawi and has as special message to the St. Giles Community:

"Thank you to the families of St. Giles for your generous t-shirt donations for my service trip to Malawi, Africa. The kids who received the shirts were absolutely thrilled and very excited to put on the shirts, wear them, and to finally have a new shirt that was not dirty and tattered (as most of their shirts were). It was very funny to me to see all the kids wearing shirts that people I knew donated. Special thanks to Mr. Collins who donated 100 custom "St. Joseph Center" shirts tha we gave to the teachers and children at the school."

If you have news to share about other St. Giles alumni or would like to be kept up-to-date on news from your friends and classmates, please visit the St. Giles Alumni page of the website or "LIKE" us and join the St. Giles Alumi Network page on Facebook.