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After many weeks of hard work and research, nearly 100 students presented their science and history projects at last week's Curriculum Fair. We would like to congratulate ALL of the scientists and historians for their detail, creativity, and hard work. The following students have had projects that were selected to compete in the Regional Curriculum Fairs later this spring:

8th Grade History Fair
David A. - The Life & Legacy of Jesse Owens
Brooke B. - Coco Chanel: A Fashion Pioneer
Hannah C. & Grace M. - The Montessori Method
Jarron L. - The Long Journey: The Story of Chicago's Great Migration
Emma N. - Women's Suffrage: Grace Wilbur Trout
Sam P. - Navy Pier: Then & Now
Emma Z. - Alan Turing: Code Breaker & Father of Computer Science

7th Grade Science Fair
Paige B., Julia C., & Hannah F. - Upwardly Mobile Bike Lift
Frankie B. - Cleaning Water Naturally
Gianna B., Janie C., & Andie C. - Portable Conveyor Belt
Nini C. and Eli G. - Retintis Pigmentosa Headset
Ellen H. - How Poorly Designed Street Lights Contribute to Light Pollution
Vinnie M. & Patrick S. - Weaterproof Bed for Wrigley
Alyssa R. - Kneeling in Comfort
Erin V. - Helping Children with Aniridia to Read

Parents are always welcome to attend mass each week with their students (or even each day!). The schedule for grade level attendance is :

Tuesdays: K, 1, and 2; Wednesdays: 7 and 8, Thursdays: 6, and Fridays: 3, 4, and 5.

But each semester, the Faith and Family Committee selects one daily mass for each grade-levels families to come together in worship and to provide hospitality. We welcome parents, younger siblings, grandparents, and any family members or like-family members to experience this aspect of your child's education at St. Giles School - THEY LOVE SEEING YOY THERE!

You are welcome to sit near your child's class and join in praying for the special intentions of thse grades. Plan to join us for coffee and treats after the thirty minute mass. The schedule for this spring's Great Grade Masses are:

Wednesday, February 4 - 7th and 8th Great Grade Mass

Tuesday, March 24 - K, 1st, and 2nd Great Grade Mass

Friday, April 17 - 3rd, 4th, and 5th Great Grade Mass

Thursday, May 7 - 6th Great Grade Mass