Home Hacks with Miss Bigane and Mrs. Kroll (Grades 6-8)

Open Date: 05-06-24

Close Date: 06-23-24

Late Fee Date: 06-24-24


M-W, 9am-11am except Wednesday ends at 12pm with lunch


Can your Lions make their own lunch or set the table for dinner? Can they sew on a button or fix the hem on their uniform pants or skirt? Well, we are here to help! Think of this mini-course as a nod to yesteryear’s old-fashioned Home EC class. Full disclosure: We are not seamstresses or trained chefs. However, we know how to sew and love to cook and entertain, so these skills are ones we enjoy and find handy in everyday life. Here are some of the skills your Lion will learn:

  • Basic sewing
  • Thread a needle
  • Repair a hem
  • Sew on a button
  • Repair a tear in fabric
  • Make a hair scrunchie
  • Handmade Blanket
  • Tying knots and making a fleece blanket for them to keep or give as a gift
  • Basic cooking
  • How do I boil water?
  • Making pasta (or mac and cheese?)
  • Make a daily lunch for school
  • Make a grilled cheese
  • Put together a salad
  • Setting the table
  • What do I do with all of this silverware?
  • Which one is my bread plate?
  • Where does my glass of water go?
  • What’s a napkin?

At the end of our sessions, we will share our cooking skills with staff members in the rectory’s dining room. They’ll have lunch prepared by the participants who have planned the menu, set the table, served it and cleaned up afterward.