St. Giles offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  

Student Council
St. Giles Student Council consists of six officers and homeroom representatives from grades 5-8.  Officers are elected in May for the following year.  Seventh graders run for President, Vice President and Executive Officer.  Sixth graders run for Secretary and Treasurer, and fifth graders run for Sergeant at Arms.  Homeroom representatives are elected in September.  Three staff serve as moderators.


Student Yearbook
8th-grade students are given an opportunity to participate in the Yearbook Committee moderated by St. Giles Staff. Students create lasting memories of the school year in words and pictures. Yearbooks are sold in the spring. 

Scouting Programs

These are open to students of St. Giles School and children of St. Giles Parish.  Parents volunteer as leaders and prepare field trips and all activities, held both at St. Giles and off campus.

There are four levels of active participation in the Girls (Cross Roads Council)
   •  Daisies – Kindergarten 
   •  Brownies – 1st – 3rd grades 
   •  Juniors – 4 – 6th grades 
   •  Cadets – 7th – 8th grades 
There are four levels of active participants in the Boys (Des Plaines Council)
   •  Tigers – 1st grade 
   •  Cubs – 2nd & 3rd grades 
   •  Webelos – 4th & 5th grades 
   •  Boy Scouts – 6th – 8th grades 

Safety Patrol
Sixth graders serve as primary patrol at afternoon dismissal, assisting students into their cars and assuring the carpool line keeps moving.

Acolytes/Altar Servers
Students in grades 5-8 are given the opportunity to assist at daily and Sunday liturgies. The parish Ministry Coordinator trains and schedules altar servers. 

Diplomat Club
A club for 6th to 8th graders, members of the Diplomat Club serve their school as ambassadors, escorting guests at Grand People Day, giving tours to alumni at reunions, being the lion at school functions for the archives and being peer leaders at school.  This Club is moderated by staff Kelly Richard and Michele Bibbey.

Girls on The Run

Moderated by school counselor, Monica Lechowicz.

Junior High Dances
The Student Council Sponsors three dances a year for the 7th and 8th graders. The council picks a theme, decorates the gym, and organizes special events during the dance. The dances are enjoyed by all of our junior high students.