The Outdoor Classroom brings the curriculum to life at St. Giles. Boasting planters for flowers, fruits, and vegetables, tables and seating, Wi-Fi within reach, composting bins, and solar panels, our Outdoor Classroom has inspired students in grades preschool through eight since its creation in Fall 2016.

The space engages students in a cross-curricular manner, expanding traditional ways of teaching. Studying the parts of a plant, writing observations, measuring, and comparing--a single lesson in the garden can cover science, language arts, math, and more. Learning becomes hands-on, encouraging students to think, rather than memorize; to question, rather than accept; and to rely on their own data rather than a textbook. This way of thinking stimulates brain development, builds curiosity, and cultivates leadership skills, providing the groundwork for successful life-long learning.

The garden also provides an opportunity for students to learn greater life lessons: caring for God’s living creatures, the importance of a quiet place to reflect, health and wellness, patience, responsibility, and working together.

But students at St. Giles look forward to classes in the Outdoor Garden for the most important reason of all--it is fun, as learning should be.

How Can I Help?

Opportunities to participate in this project are endless. Your interest in helping with this whole-hearted endeavor will be rewarding as you partner with others on creative fundraising ideas and labor together to physically construct this beautiful garden.

Please email Laura Milder or Susan Povilaitis for ways to volunteer.

If you would like to give a gift of money, you may click below:


If you would like to donate something we can put out in the classroom, please bring to the school office:

windmill, sun dial, thermometer/clock, outdoor signs or statues, or anything else that would enhance the educational space