Tuition / Financial Aid

St. Giles School is a tuition-based, private institution. The tuition we charge, however, is only part of the cost of educating your child; the remaining gap is covered by our parish and fundraising. 

Choosing private education is a financial commitment, but the cost benefit of a St. Giles education is clear: high test scores, acceptance into the best high schools, a curriculum that imparts kindness, leadership and responsibility, a community where your child is known and loved. A St. Giles education is an investment in your child that will reap benefits for years to come.

Concerned about paying tuition at St. Giles School? We are here to help. Please reach out to Principal Meg Bigane with questions or concerns at

If you have a specific question not addressed here, be sure to ask it during a virtual visit, by emailing us at, or by calling 708.383.6279.


Tuition Payment Requirements

We use Facts Management Inc. as our tuition collection provider.

You can select to make your payments on one of the following schedules:

  • 1 Payment – Due in July
  • 2 Payments – Due in July and January
  • 3 Payments – Due in July, February and May
  • Monthly Payments – Due July through May

Payment days are either the 5th or the 20th of the month.

Mail in payments can be made via check payable to Facts Management Inc. and are sent directly to Facts.

Automatic payments can be made by linking a bank account (no service fees) or with a credit card (standard 2.5% credit card service fee applies).

An Automatic Payment Plan is required for those families seeking a 2, 3 or monthly payment schedule. If you prefer to remain on an invoice payment plan, you are required to pay in full in July.

All registration fees and Facts fees are due immediately upon registering.  Please note there is a $250 per child cancellation fee for all withdrawals after July 5.

If you would like to edit your payment schedule for any reason, your request must be in writing a MINIMUM of 7 days in advance of your currently schedule payment date to Michele Bibbey at

New Family Referral Credit

Refer a NEW family to St. Giles who registers, is accepted, and attends a full year at St. Giles in grades K-8th, and you will receive a $500 tuition credit at year’s end. If you refer a family who registers and attends mid-year, (January through May), you will receive half credit of $250.

In order to receive this credit, the new family must list the current family on their registration form as the referring family. You can refer up to 3 families for a total of $1,500 in tuition credit.

Please contact Michele Bibbey at for details about how to receive your credit.

Scholarship (Financial Aid) Information

Empower Illinois Scholarship

In August 2017, with bipartisan support, the House and Senate passed a comprehensive education funding bill that was signed into law by the governor. The law includes a provision for tax credit scholarships, which provide strong incentives for donors to support non-public school scholarships for low-income students in the state. Illinois students from low-income families may use these new scholarships to attend a non-public school of their choice.

Applying for a Tax Credit Scholarship
To learn more about the applying for a tax credit scholarship, including frequently asked questions and scholarship eligibility, click here.

For additional information, please see the Donating to a Tax Credit ScholarshipApplying for a Tax Credit ScholarshipFrequently Asked QuestionsTax Credit Scholarship Eligibility, and More Information pages.


St. Giles Scholarships

To be considered for St. Giles Scholarships, qualifying families need to apply also for the Empower Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship (This scholarship is distributed on the first-come-first-served basis).

Statement of Objective
The St. Giles School Scholarship program makes available scholarships to families who value a Catholic education but have difficulty paying the full cost of tuition and fees. This assistance is available for families who qualify and the level of assistance granted varies based on need. Implementation of the policy is meant to be as fair and equitable as possible. This policy provides that no complete tuition waivers will be granted. The program is overseen by the Pastor and Principal, who have relied on the BSJ in an advisory capacity only.

St. Giles School families in good financial standing (i.e., current on tuition and fees for current and past school years or granted under a pastor-approved hardship waiver of the tuition policy) are eligible for consideration for scholarship. Fulfillment of the requirements of Contributing Parishioner status is required as well. For all Contributing Parishioners, this includes registration with St. Giles Parish, active participation in Parish life and monetary contributions in the amount of $15/week for a family with 1 child and $20/week for a family with 2 or more children for the full calendar year.

New families will be considered for scholarships, once they have fully registered for St. Giles School, have met the Contributing Parishioner standards, or have a waiver from the Pastor. Scholarship preference may be given to returning school families over families brand new to the School. Any recipient of a hardship waiver from the Pastor and/or Principal must submit an application for scholarship as well.

Scholarship Committee
Assessments and awards of scholarships will be made by the Scholarship Committee, which will assess need based on application materials and determine awards based on need and available scholarship resources under the school budget.

The Committee will consist of the Pastor, the Principal (or school-employed designee of the Principal), and three St. Giles parishioners selected by the pastor in consultation with the Board of Specified Jurisdiction. At least one Committee member, and no more than two of the parishioners, will be a member of the School’s Finance Committee. Committee members will serve calendar year terms. There will be no limitation on the number of terms served.
The Committee will establish procedures to maintain the confidentiality of all applicants and information submitted in connection with any application.

How to Apply
All applications for scholarships to St. Giles are accepted through FACTS, our online payment management system and scholarship assessment service.

You are required to complete the following steps in order to apply. Applications will NOT be reviewed without ALL of these documents.

  1. There is a $30 application fee due at the time of applying.
  2. Complete the online FACTS scholarship application.
  3. Upload all accompanying documents requested (W-2 forms, tax returns or other proof of income required by FACTS). FACT’s private assessment of this financial information will be used by the scholarship committee to help determine need.
  4. Complete the St. Giles School Scholarship Questionnaire, also located in the FACTS application.

Applications are open January 1 – April 15 before the school year for which aid is accepted. After this date, the Grant & Aid section of FACTS is closed. It can be opened to accommodate special circumstances if there are still funds available. Requests to apply for special circumstance must be made in writing to Michele Bibbey at

Scholarship decisions and awards will be made no later than May 15 before the academic year for which aid is awarded. There can be no guarantee of financial aid to any applicant.

Scholarships are awarded to families who qualify based on financial need which is based upon FACTS grant and aid assessment criteria and review by the school financial aid committee. Preschool is not eligible for Financial Aid or Scholarships.

The average scholarship awarded to a single child is $1000.

FACTS Scholarship Application

For further questions regarding Scholarships, please contact our Business Manager, Michele Bibbey at