Support St. Giles

Whether you are a parent, an alum, an alumni parent, a grandparent or another member of our community, we thank you for your generous stewardship of St. Giles School!   Our community and school are strengthened through the kind support of many. If you haven’t made your donation yet this year, we invite you to click DONATE NOW to join us in support of St. Giles School.

This legacy of Catholic education has always been dependent on the continued support of people like you, who help us to keep our school affordable for a wide range of families in Oak Park and surrounding areas.

Our families will tell you not only how important Catholic education is to them and how they struggled and sacrificed to provide their children with a Catholic education, but how grateful they are for St. Giles. St. Giles is full of wonderful faculty and parents – it is more than a parish school, it is community. We value this sacrifice and appreciate our families as they continue to build St. Giles as a family tradition – we have many alumni parents and grandparents.

One grateful family recently graduated their third and final child from St. Giles. Dwight & Theresa Atchley spent many years at St. Giles with their children Will ’17, Elizabeth ’13 and Lauren ’15.

After graduation, Financial Advisor Dwight Atchley boldly and sincerely stated, “sending our children to St. Giles School has been the best investment we have ever made.”

Thank you for many years of service!  You are greatly appreciated and will be missed.  Good luck Atchley Family.