Teacher Appreciation Fund

Dear St. Giles School Families,

As we turn the calendar to November, we look ahead to Thanksgiving and consider our many blessings.

While this year has continued to challenge us in many ways, school continues to be one of the most consistent, reliable, and supportive elements in our lives. Our children and families continue to benefit daily from the supportive community of St. Giles which is led by our faculty, staff, and administration.

During this month of gratitude, the PTO appeals to all families to contribute to the annual Teacher Appreciation Fund. This is our opportunity as a community to thank our faculty and staff and show them how very, very grateful we are that they are in their classrooms each day.

Every year, the Teacher Appreciation Fund recognizes that each of our teachers makes a significant. financial sacrifice to teach at St. Giles. This bonus, given in December and made up of your generous donations, represents our appreciation for their commitment to St. Giles and to our children.

We ask you to reflect on the gratitude you have felt throughout this past year. Let’s recognize the added layer of sacrifice that teaching during COVID has required. Let’s recognize the tireless efforts and constant adaptability of our faculty, staff, and administrators as they continue to teach our children, despite the challenges they face each day. Let’s help them know how grateful we are for their presence every day creating a safe and caring environment for our children to learn and grow.

Please be as generous as you are able.

This fund supports every member of our faculty, staff and administration — and as always, we are hoping to receive a contribution from every one of our families. Whether you contribute $10 or $1000, every contribution makes a difference- and 100% participation sends a powerful message of support and gratitude. Funds will be collected through Thanksgiving and given as a Christmas bonus.

Thank you for considering a gift toward this year’s Teacher Appreciation Fund. Let’s show our teachers, administrators and staff how grateful we are for the choices and sacrifices they make each day.

Please send donations to school in an envelope marked PTO-TAF or click here to donate now.


Laura Milder
PTO Co-President

Julia Bell
PTO Co-President

Kristen Reale
PTO President Emeritus

Joanne Biemer
Emily Spreng
VPs of Finance

Amy Crilly
TAF Fund Coordinator