Infinity Arts – The Adventures of Captain Starblaster!

Open Date: 03-04-24

Close Date:

Late Fee Date: 04-15-24


Mondays and Fridays – 3:15pm-5pm – Mondays Cafeteria, Fridays Stage

April: 8, 12, 15, 19, 21 @IAA, 22, 26-no school on stage 9-12, 29
May: 3, 6, 10, 12 @IAA, TECH *13, *14, *16, SHOW DAY 17th

It’s an action-packed, sci-fi spoof that packs a hilarious punch! Ten thousand years in the future, the galaxy stands in peril. Hostile aliens, sinister thugs, and strange forces seem to lurk at every turn. But one man stands between the galaxy and those who would do it harm. That man is… Captain Starblaster, defender of the galaxy! Will Captain Starblaster and his trusty sidekick (and his trusty sidekick’s trusty sidekick and his fearless crew) manage to thwart the evil plans of Colonel Chaos and his goons? Will the galaxy be saved? With songs ranging from gospel ode to evil scheming, and from a doo-wop lament to a rousing alien dance extravaganza, this blast of a musical soars along with energy and quirky characters galore. It doesn’t get campier — or more fun! — than this easy-to-stage high-flying adventure!




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