How We Learn

We are privileged to create a robust curriculum and engaging environment that truly educate the whole child, and our beliefs about how children learn and how they thrive - including through partnerships with the whole family and utilizing a PreK-8 model - guide us each day.


At St. Giles School, we balance the importance of foundational knowledge and skills with the value of an education that inspires, challenges and sparks a love for learning. We go beyond expected standards to help students grow into their best selves - academically, socially, physically, and spiritually.


Preschool Unit: PreK2, PreK3 + PreK4

Our preschool programs give students a positive first experience with school - one that utilizes play and socialization to teach the important lessons of independence, collaboration, kindness and confidence.

Primary Unit

Students in our primary unit experience daily opportunities for growth - in their academic abilities, in their faith and in the development of their God-given gifts. This foundation prepares students for success at St. Giles School and beyond.

Primary grades take turns hosting weekly prayer services with prayer and song, bringing students together to celebrate their faith in a way that's approachable for their development.

St. Giles Primary School experience daily opportunities for growth


We commit to providing an enriching, well-rounded education for our students and that includes exposure to courses outside of the core curriculum. While some schools cut these programs, St. Giles School prioritizes opportunities for creativity, expression and growth. Our instructors foster a lifelong appreciation for physical activity, different cultures and the arts.

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Intermediate Unit

Our intermediate unit builds upon the skills and knowledge developed during the early years, challenging students to take things further: applying what they know to solve problems, to develop a deeper understanding of important concepts and to work both independently and collaboratively to get things done.

Our 4-8 grade students participate in block scheduling, which improves instruction and student outcomes.

Middle School Unit

Not your typical middle school, our unit treats students as the leaders they are. We challenge our sixth, seventh and eighth graders to take ownership over their learning, to apply their own gifts and skills to the problems they face and to take action in their learning and in their world.


What Sets Us Apart

At St. Giles School, we leverage our small size and dedicated staff to create a curriculum that reaches all students. We know that developing certain skills, such as showing empathy, working with others and having a growth mindset, is critical to students’ overall well-being and ability to meet their full potential. So we prioritize programs and supports that go beyond core academics.

St. Giles School emphasizes the social emotional well-being of our students because if students aren’t feeling well, feeling safe, and feeling supported, how can they learn? Led by our school counselor, students are explicitly taught evidence-based social emotional skills and practice them so they become routine and accessible.